Since the beginning of time storytelling has been an important part of communication. Parents and grandparents passed on what they learned to their children and grandchildren. Think, too, of how the cavemen used graphics to share their heritage. Jesus used simple stories from life to teach His followers.

Today we have many ways of sharing our stories, right from blogs where we can share with thousands to sitting on the bed while tucking in a child.

Sharing stories can shed light on what we believe and why. It helps both us and those we are sharing with to see situations in a new way. This can lead to healing, grace and forgiveness.

Sharing stories helps us to understand why we make the decisions we make and why we value certain things in life. Often it helps to show others that they’re not the only ones going through what they’re going through.

Sharing your story can be that powerful.

Often the stories worth sharing are the ones we don’t want to tell. Remembering them stirs up emotions within us and we don’t want others to judge or reject us. We don’t want them to gossip about us. And that might happen. And that might lead you to another story of how God helped you through that situation!

Sharing your “God moments” helps you to recognize and keep a record of His touch on your life. This is your story, and if you don’t share it, who will?

There are many different tools you can use, but the main thing is that you are reminded of God’s goodness and that you pass this legacy on to your children and grandchildren, to your nieces and nephews, to anyone you know in the next generation.

Through this website we want to share with you some ways you can do this:

And through our blogs we want to share some ideas of the types of things you might want to share about your life. So, let’s get started …