Musical Scraps

The sounds of Auld Lang Syne have faded into the past for another year, as have the many sounds of Christmas that came before. Soon we’ll be into a season of love songs for Valentine’s Day or summer fun songs.

What is it about music that conjures up memories – good or bad; that changes our mood; that tells us of impending danger during a movie; or puts a baby to sleep? Music tells us when our favourite program is coming on TV, or when it’s time for Final Jeopardy. What would Star Wars be without music. Scientists have even documented music’s effect on medical procedures and its tendency to speed up healing times. 

Whatever your taste in music, or whether you have any musical talent yourself, there is just something about music that can make life better. It can be used to stimulate your senses for a good time, or when grieving a loss, it is music that can bring peace. 

Having grown up in a musical family, learning to play an instrument and singing, I can’t imagine life without it. Music has built my faith through the years, so over the course of the next few months, I would like to scrap some of the music that has special meaning for me.


Do you have any favourite songs that have brought meaning to your life?

Did you, or any member of your family, play a musical instrument?

How has music changed you?