Mary, Did You Know?

In the fall I became project manager for the publication of a book on the history of missions with the denomination for which I work. It’s been interesting reading stories of how God called ordinary men and women to serve him internationally, and to learn what that particular calling meant to them.

This morning in church we were reminded of Mary’s willingness to answer God’s call on her life, not knowing just what all her ‘yes’ would mean. Mark Lowry’s wonderful Christmas song, “Mary, Did you Know?” was also shared in that service.

As I reflected upon my own calling, I was reminded of how it has taken a turn in a direction I would never have imagined when I first said ‘yes’ I would follow wherever He led me.

As you journal your own story, what calling has God given you? Was it a call to full-time ministry? To serve Him in a hospital, school, store, place of business? Did He call you to become a Sunday School teacher, a group leader, a mentor? What was your first response? Where has that calling led you? What advice would you give your family in responding to God’s calling upon their own lives?