I gave him the boot!

A few weeks ago my daughter broke her foot and needed an aircast boot. Since I still had mine from a few years ago, I put it in my trunk to take to her. However, she needed something a little different, so my boot remained in my car.

Aircast-BootOver Christmas I used my trunk to move gifts back and forth to my daughters’ homes. Each time I told myself I really should take that boot out so I’d have more room for other things.

As the weeks passed, and I tried to put groceries in the car, I told myself I really should put that boot away. But my hands always seemed full, and it stayed put.

A couple of weeks ago I was taking a training course at work where we learned that one of our vice presidents had broken his ankle that morning, and he was supposed to be flying overseas in just a couple of hours. We stopped to pray for him and his wife.

The vice president had gone to a clinic, had an X-ray and the doctor told him he should not go. The patient, however, felt God wanted him to go on this important two-week trip.

We had finished a section of our course late that morning and decided to break for an early lunch. This meant I just ‘happened’ to be in the lunchroom at the time word spread that the vice president had stopped at the office just long enough to pick up a couple of things. As they were loading the taxi, I jumped up from the lunch table and quickly offered my boot.

He and his wife took it and contacted their own doctor from the airport. After viewing the x-rays and knowing he had an aircast boot he could use, his doctor gave him some advice along with the OK to travel. Because of the boot, he was able to stabilize his ankle on the flight, and with that and some ice, he was able to accomplish what he’d set out to do on the trip.

Some people might think it was pure luck my boot was in the car at the time, and that I just happened to be in the lunchroom earlier than usual that day, but I don’t think so. God wanted the vice president on that trip, and worked things out to the detail to make it happen.

Something you might want to journal:

  • Has there ever been a time that God came through for you just at the right time?
  • Has there ever been a time God used you to bring about a miracle for someone else?



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  1. Guess God wanted you to be in lunch room the same time for that season .it was told to me when I was young that god always does things for a reason.

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